Glasgow Irish FC v Edinburgh Harps Jason Lyons Memorial Trophy

On Saturday 30th July Glasgow Irish FC took on Edinburgh Harps at Toryglen. Two teams with a lot in common, a friendship had been born a few months previously over social media and then by dialogue between the men in charge of running the clubs. The idea was raised for an annual trophy we could play for each year in our respective pre season campaigns. It was decided that charitable causes should benefit from the bond the clubs were keen to see grow. 
The untimely and extremely sudden passing of a close friend of the Glasgow Irish founders, Jason Lyons, prompted us to honour his memory by creating The Jason Lyons Memorial Trophy. This will now be played for each year against Edinburgh Harps who played a huge part in making it a thoroughly enjoyable day for everybody involved. 

This was only Glasgow Irish third game since our birth and a quality Edinburgh Harps team won the game 2-0. The Irish management and support were somewhat dumbfounded by this scoreline however as Glasgow Irish squandered chance after chance and dominated the game aside from some short lapses in concentration. All in, it was a great game to watch for both supports and with Jason Lyons himself being a huge football fan I’m sure he would have appreciated the attacking football on show. Hopefully the Irish can go one better next season and lift the trophy for you Jase. 

A massive thank you must go to Edinburgh Harps for helping make it a great day and long may our friendship continue. 


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