Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

My Take

This week is the one week of the year we are all encouraged to open up. In truth it should be EVERY DAY we are prompted to open up. A lot easier said than done though. Being that I’m an intermittent sufferer of heavy periods of destructive depression I thought it suitable for me to let some stuff out of my head today. If only one person can relate to this piece and take some encouragement from it then I’ve achieved something. Anyone shocked, affronted, ashamed or uncomfortable with me opening up? Go fuck yourself. Twice.

I’m slap bang in the middle of my 30s now and the past 3 years have been a war zone inside my head. Superior natural highs followed by soul destroying lows. Genuine thoughts of suicide have entered my mind at some stages. That’s not drama. That’s the whole truth. It should never be that way.

I can’t quite put my finger on when or why the malaise set in, but it came onto me like a volcano spill. Slowly chasing me until I was consumed by it, engulfed, with no escape route. Waking up feeling like I was inside a coffin is the best way I can describe it. Try getting someone to listen to that and take you seriously.

The amount of jobs I’ve lost or put in jeopardy through it is mind boggling. I could always blame the drink though and so could employers. I’d rather have been known as a heavy drinker, unreliable and irresponsible than tell the full truth. Yes, I used drink and sometimes drugs as a crutch when overwhelmed by my darkness. It’s called self medicating. The warm glow of a darkened pub sometimes the only mild escape for the wired mind.

Anti depressants came into my life and there was an immediate change. I no longer fretted as much as I used to but this soon wore thin. Taking these tablets each day made me feel like scum. Like a lost cause. Nobody wants a dependency. That’s where I was. Relying on some tablet I couldn’t even pronounce the name of.

Every single area of my life was raging out of control. Debt, irresponsible drinking, ruination of relationships. Give me something to fuck up and I’ll show you how to do it Hollywood style.

Then came the lowest of periods. The cold and and dark winter months that follow New Years. I couldn’t leave the spare room I was now camped up in. I made a conscious decision to get off the tablets I had been prescribed and went into Mental Cold Turkey. This was hugely irresponsible but something far deep inside me knew it was the only way to beat my darkness. I had felt for a long time as if I was less of man than I was before. I had lost my fire and just accepted it. Whimpering through life with excuse after excuse and masking it with more drink than anyone would ever believe I had ever consumed. I had decided this was last chance saloon for me.

One midweek night in November I had taken my unsteady feet a walk to the Clydeside with every intention of throwing myself into the ice cold darkness of the River Clyde. My thought process being that I’d no longer burden the people who I thought had loved me at some point. I’d burned so many relationships and friendships due to my closed off behaviour that I thought this way best. I was now virtually unemployable in Glasgow so had very little hope in the way of recovering from my troubles. Standing there I thought of my Dad, my sister and my ex. How could I do that to them? How could I lay that horror on them?

I walked away. Further shamed.

I was to repeat this journey 4 times in total with each end result the same. This was a sign surely.

Hours previous to each of the visits to the Clyde I’d have been in a pub with friends/workmates/acquaintances laughing it up. Sometimes the life and soul. Can you imagine their surprise if I’d have gone through with my plans? They could never have read that off me. Never in a million years.

I just wouldn’t open up. I couldn’t tell anyone my troubles. It’s very hard to do so. I’m no scholar, I’m of very limited intelligence but somehow there must be work done to find out a way of getting people to open up. Nobody should be trapped as I was for those years.

I don’t have the answer either as I believe it to be individual specific. The only advice I’d give is to go with the instinct you feel. I felt a need to become myself again. To get that fire back inside me. I stopped the tablets, dealt with the withdrawals and use fitness and reading to balance me out. I’d never encourage anyone to stop prescribed medication. Always consult a GP. It only worked for me because I wanted it to so much.

All I can say is I opened up to some people close to me and they will never know how much it meant to me just to have someone to listen to what I had to say. Even if large parts of it was incoherent rambling.


Release tears, feelings, emotions and anything else that’s holding you back.


There is a way out and there is a personal formula for you.

Peace Troops.

Paolo Mulgrew.


Glasgow Irish FC Season 17/18 Review

Our second season in existence can only be described as a disappointing one. A couple of outstanding results aside our standards have been at a very poor level throughout. Consistency of performance being the major factor in our poor results across the season.

Optimism remains however, along with a real focus on putting things right going into the new campaign.

With new manager Richard McCabe and his Assistant Tony Owens there’s a real opportunity for everyone to change our luck for the better. Even with our league campaign only finishing under a week ago plans have been in place for pre season for quite some time.

A recent Board Meeting seen an in depth look at all of our processes and identification of where we can improve.

With everyone pulling together I’m confident we’ll see our fortunes rise.

A huge thank you to the players who put the required effort in throughout the year. We can promise everything will be done to ensure your hard work is rewarded next season with a better standard of player beside you.

Mon The Irish

Thanks to everyone below for playing a part this year:

David Griffin, Stuart Taylor, Kevin Gallagher, Kevin Maguire, Anthony Deveney, Shannon Borland, Alanah Connelly, Beth Woods, Euan Nelson, Stephen Cairns, Barry Campbell, Kenny Paterson, Mark Paterson, Sean Belton, Tony Owens, Ryan Owens, Gerrard Hughes, Kevin Williams, Mark Mullen, Jack Gordon, Jay Armstrong, Connor Jack, Daniel Singh, Dan Mcmanus, Ross Campbell, Ross Marshall, Lewis Maitland, Cammy McIntyre, Ryan Mulheron, Stephen Cairns, Steven Craven, Jacob Sayers, Lucas Sayers, David Mckiver Gibb, Chris Snee, Jordan Jefferson-McNulty, Chris Gillespie, Gary Mullen, Nathaniel Kelly, Tomo McShane, Graham McBride, Martin Rice, Robert Travers, Jamie Hogan, Richard McCabe, Michael Lenaghan, Maccasports, The Irish Voice, The Record Factory, Kelly’s Glasgow, Coach Exile, Graeme Dolan at Acacia Coaches, The Dublin Donor, The Stanley Bar, Fleek Boutique and everyone who has supported us throughout.

Everyone who purchased our merchandise.

We appreciate every bit of effort you’ve put in to keep our club going.

Again, thank you.

Glasgow Irish FC v Red Star Bagrade

Sunday 8th April 2018

Premier 3

Scotstoun Stadium Rear

The Irish took on big rivals Red Star looking to build on Friday nights superb result against PFD.

Irish manager Richard McCabe had several players unavailable and had to be shrewd in his team selection on the day. The young manager gathering some impressive momentum early on in his tenure. The aim for the Irish to finish a disappointing season strongly the main target for the rest of the campaign.

The Irish started sluggishly and two games in two days looked to have induced an understandable fatigue on the squad.

Red Star opened the scoring when a ball over the top was dealt with poorly by the Irish defence and the Red Star forward made them pay with a cool finish. 0-1.

This subdued the GIFC performance furthermore and Red Star could have added more had it not been for some resolute goalkeeping from Kevin Gallagher.

The game was turned on its head just before the interval when a Red Star player was sent off afor a second booking.


The extra man advantage didn’t really show and the Irish were pegged back in their own half for the opening of the second half.

To their credit GIFC started to get the ball down and play as they can. The introduction of Jay Armstrong and Kevin Williams freshened things up and the Irish were level on 65 mins.

A free kick was awarded 22 yards from goal. Danny Singh stepped up to fire the ball into the top corner with right footed drive. The diminutive forward continuing his great form since the turn of the year. 1-1.

The Irish had a stranglehold on the game now and Mark Paterson started to cause the Star defence some real problems.

On 80 mins the Irish went ahead when Kevin Williams played in Jefferson-McNulty and he drove home in off the post from the edge of the box for his 5th goal in as many games for GIFC. A class passing move involving Paterson and Williams in the build up. 2-1.

Another Red Star player then received a red card as frustrations understandably grew.

On 90 mins the game was wrapped up when Paterson played the ball to Connor Jack who took a touch before shooting home from just outside the box. Top scorer Jack with his 12th of the season. 3-1


This was a massive effort from The Black and Green with it being their 3rd game inside 7 days.

Man of the Match was Danny Singh.

Impressive for the Irish were Sean Belton, Lucas Sayers, Mark Paterson, Jefferson-McNulty and Kevin Williams.

Gallagher, Cairns(Armstrong), Mullen, Sayers(Deveney), McIntyre(Paterson), Belton, Mulheron, Jack, Jefferson-McNulty(Owens), Hughes(Williams).

PFD v Glasgow Irish FC

Premier League 3

Friday April 6th 2018

Clydebank High

Glasgow Irish were away to PFD on league duty this Friday evening only 5 days after a heavy loss to the Clydebank side in the league. This scenario offered a quick chance of redemption for the Irish as manager Richard McCabe reshuffled his pack in the hope of bouncing back from Sunday’s disappointing result.

Striker Martin Rice and defender Ross Marshall were introduced to the starting line up. Both players making a second debut for the Glasgow Irish. Kevin Williams returned after injury and Lucas Sayers started in central defence.

It was the home team that opened the scoring early in the game when a PFD midfielder seen his shot narrowly beat keeper Kevin Gallagher. 1-0.

This only seemed to anger GIFC and they drew level when Steven Craven chipped the ball over the top for Danny Singh to control and finish into the far corner with ease. Singh now in full flow for the Irish and playing his best since joining the club. 1-1.

GIFC then took the lead when Ryan Mulheron found Martin Rice in the box from a superb free kick. The big striker had scored on his first debut for the Irish and made sure of the same in debut number two when he sent the ball home with a sweet strike. 1-2.

The Irish were rampant now and grabbed a two goal advantage on 25 mins when Danny Singh sent Martin Rice clear to lob the PFD keeper. Another goal of sheer class from the big striker. 1-3.

Martin Rice then completed a sensational first half hat trick when he got up to meet a fantastic cross from Tony Owens and head past the PFD keeper. A class first half performance from the returning striker. 1-4.

Tony Owens was then to steal the show for the Irish.

It’s taken the midfielder almost two years to find the net for the club but he blew the Goal of The Season competition out of the water with last nights strike.

From his own half, Owens pounced on a loose ball and smashed a right foot shot over the PFD keeper and into the net. (Water bottle in hand, may I add).1-5.

PFD were to find the net again in a high scoring first half to reduce the deficit. 2-5.


PFD came out of the traps in the second half only for GIFC to withstand any pressure coming their way.

Keeper Kevin Gallagher a steadying influence on his defence a major plus for the Irish.

Ross Marshall is another debutant who impressed. The returning defender always an asset for GIFC with his tireless work ethic. J Jeffrey, Jay Armstrong, Mark Mullen, Gerrard Hughes and Jacob Sayers all replacing Martin Rice, Kevin Williams, Tony Owens, Mark Paterson and Marshall respectively.

Both sides seemed to cancel each other out in the second half although Gerry Hughes almost made it two in two when he turned the PFD right back inside out before hitting just past the post with his left foot. Hughes continuing to prove his worth to the Irish cause.


This was a superb victory for the Irish with many positives.

Jay Armstrong getting some much needed game time after a season blighted by injury a big plus point.

Martin Rice with the first half hat trick making him a no brainer for Man of The Match with Daniel Singh hot on his heels after another class performance.

All in, there wasn’t a poor player on the park for the Irish. If they are to lose this Jekyll and Hyde mentality and inconsistency of performance then they can be a force to be reckoned with against any team.

Manager Richard McCabe showing what a fine manager he is shaping up to be with his selections.

The Irish entertain Aberdeen Supporters team Red Star Bagrade this coming Sunday on league duty. A fixture that has always had a bit of spice to it for whatever reason.

GIFC v Red Star

Sunday 8th April

Scotstoun Stadium Rear

14:15 kick off.

Glasgow Irish FC v Gorbals United

Sunday 25th March 2018, Scotstoun Stadium Rear.

GIFC faced Gorbals United at home this Sunday hoping to avenge a heavy defeat in the seasons previous fixture between the two clubs.

GIFC manager Richard McCabe was facing a side with plenty of goals in them. The Irish have been showing signs of improvement recently but have to begin turning performance into points.

Gorbals United started the game well and went ahead early doors when the Irish were caught out at the back all too easily yet again. A simple tap in for the Gorbals striker giving them the lead. 0-1.

This early setback only proved to inspire the Irish into life and they drew level with a goal of real quality.

Keeper Euan Nelson hit Jordan Jeffrey with a long ball and the forward found Danny Singh with an inch perfect cross from the left wing. Singh then took a lovely touch before cracking the ball into the top corner to draw the game level. A fantastic finish from the GIFC man. 1-1


The Irish started the second half well and could have went ahead when Connor Jack seen an effort from outside the box pushed onto the bar by the Gorbals keeper.

Some tough tackling then ensued from both teams as they looked to grab a foothold in the game.

The Irish won this battle however and took a deserved lead when Connor Jack found Jordan Jeffrey and he continued a fine run of form as he raced clear to fire in off the post. 2-1.

Gerrard Hughes was introduced for Mark Paterson who had ran himself into the ground. Hughes impact was immediate as he imposed himself on the game.

Goal number three came from Jordan Jeffrey when another assist from the outstanding Connor Jack seen the striker bury a right footed finish past the Gorbals keeper. 3-1.

To their credit, Gorbals kept coming at the Irish but solid defending from Nelson, Mullen, Mulheron, McIntyre, Lucas Sayers and Stephen Cairns throughout the game meant they got little reward for their efforts.

Jacko Gordon and Steven Craven had complete control in midfield in what looks to be a partnership to get excited about.Both players complementing each other’s styles throughout. Danny Singh and Connor Jack showing real class throughout made for some decent viewing from the sidelines.

Goal number four arrived after the Irish were awarded a penalty.

Regular spot kick taker Connor Jack unselfishly offered the ball to Jordan Jeffrey for his hat trick only to see the young striker hand the ball back. A great show of sportsmanship from the two GIFC players and Jack made no mistake as usual from the spot. 4-1.

This was far and away the best result in a very difficult season so far from GIFC and they must look to continue this form and build going forward.

Man of the match on the day was Jordan Jeffrey.

Indeed a number of GIFC players could have walked away with that honour as there were top performances throughout the side. Stephen Cairns displaying the “Cairns Turn” late in the match a highlight of the day.

All the best to the Gorbals who have more than enough in the tank to bounce back from this result.

Mon The Glasgow Irish 🇮🇪✊🏻

Cambuslang FA v Glasgow Irish FC

The Irish were away at Stepford Playing Parks this past weekend against an impressive Cambuslang side.

What was to transpire was one of the strangest games of football anyone watching would have seen.

Recent signing Jacob Sayers gave the Irish an early lead when Gerry Hughes played him through. The youngster rounding the keeper before calmly slotting the ball home. 0-1.

GIFC almost went further ahead when Sayers had his shot from a tight angle cleared off the line.

Cambuslang drew level when sloppy play in midfield was punished and keeper Nelson was beaten when offered no protection from his defence. 1-1.


After being on top for the majority of the first half GIFC then imploded in the opening 10 mins of the second.

Cambuslang were to score 5 goals with no reply in a ten minute spell which seen the Irish collapse. A lack of confidence and no responsibility being taken surely contributory factors. 6-1.

Cairns, Paterson, Gordon, Hogan and Campbell were introduced to the field and the Irish responded immediately when Ross Campbell hit one into the corner from the edge of the box. 6-2.

The Irish continued to press and were caught on the break twice resulting in clinical finishing from Cambuslang. 8-2.

GIFC rolled their sleeves up and fought on. Connor Jack reduced the deficit when he finished brilliantly after being played in by Ross Campbell. 8-3.

Campbell was in for some rough treatment from the home team and his being brought down on the edge of the area resulted in Connor Jack firing the free kick into the top corner for the goal of the game. 8-4.

Mark Paterson then finished of the days scoring after charging down the Camby keeper and showing superb composure to finish well. 8-5.


The full time whistle coming a little too soon for an Irish side that finished the game so well. Well done to Cambuslang who scored every chance they had given one or two misses. The ruthlessness of their finishing providing a harsh lesson for the Irish.

GIFC manager Mulgrew admitted after the game he had picked the wrong team and takes full responsibility for this weeks result.

A great end to a very entertaining game.

Man of the match for GIFC Ross Campbell.

Shawfield Athletic v Glasgow Irish FC

Glasgow Irish were in Springburn last night against Shawfield Athletic in a challenge match which was an opportunity for both teams to experiment with some new ideas. GIFC were able to give 3 trialists some game time in what was a worthwhile workout for the Black and Green.

GIFC assistant manager Ricardo McCabe took the reigns for this fixture and showed how valuable he is to the Irish Cause with some sharp decision making throughout the game.

The Irish started the game sluggishly although the midfield 3 of Craven, Williams and Jack were starting to show their class early doors.

Seany Belton was the man to spark the game into life when he sent Paterson clear to unselfishly square the ball for Danny Singh who gave the Shawfield keeper no chance with a tidy finish. 0-1.

Belton was the main actor when goal number two arrived for GIFC when he volleyed home from the edge of the box after an attempted clearance landed nicely for him. 0-2.

Half Time:0-2.

The interval seen the Irish make a raft of changes with trialists Peter Mullen and Chris Gillespie, the younger brother of former Liverpool and Celtic defender Gary Gillespie, introduced to the field.

Indeed it was Chris Gillespie who marked his debut with a well taken finish after being sent clear by the impressive Gerrard Hughes. 0-3.

The fourth arrived when Stephen Cairns played a clever dummy from Gerry Hughes pass to allow Gillespie to Bag his second of the game with a clinical drive. 0-4.

This ended the scoring for the evening. A well deserved victory for a low in confidence Irish side. There were only positives this evening and the debuts of P.Mullen, D.Mckiver Gibb and C.Gillespie major bonuses from a tough period for the Black and Green.

Man of The Match for GIFC was Steven Craven.

All the very best to Shawfield Athletic as they approach the beginning of their league season.

Passionate about Celtic. West Ham in England.